Speech Assessments for all ages

Speech Assessment Services For AdOLESCENTS and Children

At Capital Diagnostic Speech Pathology, we conduct comprehensive assessments of an adolescent’s or child’s communication skills. A diagnostic speech pathology or educational assessment produces a deeper understanding of an individual’s strengths and weaknesses, and the unique challenges experienced by the individual.

The CDSP clinic is based in Weston Creek, ACT. All consultations and assessments are conducted in the clinic. If, due to COVID-19 restrictions, face-to-face appointments are not possible then consultations will be conducted via telehealth.

Please read Telehealth Policy.

Who Needs A Speech Assessment?

There are many reasons why you or your child may require an assessment from a speech pathologist. Adults, or families of children and their educators generally determine whether a speech pathology assessment is appropriate for themselves or for their child or student. 

The most common reasons for considering speech pathology assessments are:

  • NYour child stutters or your child's speech may be of some concern but you do not know what to do about it.
  • NYour GP has recommended an assessment.
  • NRecommendations have come from other health professionals, such as a Pediatrician or other specialists.
  • NYour child’s educator has expressed concerns regarding your child’s communication skills.
  • NYour child's speech in terms of ‘school readiness’ skills require a looking into before your child commences school next year.

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How Are Our Assessments Conducted?

Capital Diagnostic Speech Pathology is a private clinic that provides timely, accessible, accurate and evidence-based speech pathology and educational assessments for children and adolescents.

CDSP typically provides appointments within 2 weeks for speech pathology assessments and reports. Ongoing therapy is only offered if there is current capacity for new therapy clients.

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