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About CDSP and The Team

Our dream to open our own centre for speech pathology and educational assessment was created when we realised, as parents, how difficult it can be to access these services in Canberra.

Our first experience of seeking a speech assessment for our eldest child resulted in a 6 month wait. At the time, our son was 5 years old, and we felt so powerless because we didn’t know how to help his speech and language development while we languished on waiting lists around Canberra.

Over the months, we came to meet so many other families in a similar situation – they knew that something was wrong with their child’s communication but they too were on waitlists and unable to obtain a diagnosis or forward plan in a timely manner. We felt that something had to change, and there was no better way to achieve that change than for Michelle to return to university and become a Certified Practising Speech Pathologist. Our vision is simple – to provide quality, evidence-based speech pathology and educational assessments in a timely manner. Our clinic has been built using the guiding principles of being accessible, ethical, accurate, client-centred and family-focused. We adopted these principles because our own experiences as parents, caregivers and educators had taught us that clients and their families need access to a friendly, welcoming, professional and well-informed service.

We know, from our own lived experience of having children with disabilities and communication difficulties, that it takes a very special person to hear what a child cannot say.

We welcome you to our clinic, and look forward to meeting you soon. 


Meet The Team

We are passionate individuals, committed to helping others. Our services entail assessing infants through to adolescents, on all ability levels, with language, speech, literacy and fluency (stuttering) disorders. 

Emeritus Professor Francesco Sofo PhD

Emeritus Professor Francesco Sofo, PhD

Francesco is an experienced educator, having worked for more than 30 years at the University of Canberra. He holds degrees in both mainstream and special education, and was the Head of Special Education in two private schools in Melbourne.

He was the founder and director of a children’s remedial reading clinic in Melbourne for over 10 years, and has been the coordinator of adult literacy programs for the Victorian Specific Learning Difficulties Association (SPELD). Francesco is the proud recipient of the prestigious American Society for Training and Development award for his contributions to education.

Francesco works with CDSP one day per week, and is available for educational assessments (e.g. literacy and reading) for adults and children aged over 6.

Dr Michelle Sofo

Dr. Michelle Sofo

Michelle knows the heartache and joy that comes with parenting children who have communication difficulties and special needs.

Both of Michelle’s children were NDIS participants when the scheme was first launched, and she knows the importance of receiving timely and accurate assessments that may support applications for NDIS funding. Michelle is a passionate speech pathologist who has worked with clients in a range of settings, including Treehouse Queanbeyan Children’s Special Needs Group, The Canberra Hospital and the University of Canberra Speech Pathology Clinic.

Michelle is available for speech, language and fluency (stuttering) assessments for children and adolescents.

During 2021, Michelle worked as a Consultant Speech Pathologist to the Canberra Development Clinic.

Michelle has completed training in the Lidcombe Program, and is certified to deliver evidence-based intervention for childhood stuttering. 

Michelle is also the proud founder of Rocks for Sick Kids – an initiative to bring a bit of joy to sick and injured children receiving medical treatment in hospitals throughout Australia.

Rocks for Sick Kids

A percentage of all income from Capital Diagnostic Speech Pathology is donated to Rocks for Sick Kids to fund the purchase of paint pens, sealant, packaging, and shipping to hospitals



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